How to use?

Molekule is designed for adding to 50ml short fill e-liquids, and for DIY mixing.

The following guide explains how to make a short fill e-liquid at 3mg/ml, and DIY e-liquid at 3, 6, 9 and 12mg/ml.

Short Fill Mixing – 3mg/ml

Molekule can be added to any 50ml short fill product to create a 60ml 3mg/ml e-liquid. Simply decant the full 10ml of Molekule into the space in the top your 50ml short fill e-liquid, shake, and you’re ready to vape.

How to mix with a 50 ml short fill e-liquid

Makes 60 ml at 3 mg/ml

What you need

1 x 50 ml Nicotine free short fill e-liquid.
1 x 10 ml Molekule nicotine salt base.


Push down on the 10 ml bottle and twist. Then simply unscrew the cap.

Start mixing

Remove cap & nozzle from 50ml short fill bottle. Squeeze the entire content of the 10 ml Molekule bottle into the 10 ml space within the 50 ml short fill bottle.

Shake, shake, shake

Shake the content and you’re ready to vape. 3 mg/ml final concentration.

Since short fill e-liquids are not regulated by the TPD, there are currently many untested products on the market, which may be unsafe to vape. We advise that you only use Molekule with a reputable short fill e-liquid brand, such as our sister brand Kemistry.

DIY Mixing – 3, 6, 9 and 12 mg/ml

Molekule can also be used to create your own e-liquid from scratch. All you need to do is follow our recipe below to create your desired nicotine strength.

You will need some plastic pipettes, an empty e-liquid bottle, flavour concentrate, and a diluent of your choice: VG or PG. Use VG if you want bigger clouds and a smoother vape, or PG if you want to enjoy a better throat hit or accentuate the flavour. We strongly recommend that you only use pharmaceutical EP/USP grade diluent, and high-quality flavour concentrates.

How to mix DIY

What you need

1 x Pasteur pipette
1 x Empty 10 ml bottle
1 x Bottle of Molekule
1 x Flavour concentrate
1 x Bottle of PG
1 x Bottle of VG

3 mg/ml final concentration

2 ml Flavour*
6.3 ml Diluent**
1.7 ml Molekule

6 mg/ml final concentration

2 ml Flavour*
4.7 ml Diluent**
3.3 ml Molekule

9 mg/ml final concentration

2 ml Flavour*
3 ml Diluent**
5 ml Molekule

12 mg/ml final concentration

2 ml Flavour*
1.3 ml Diluent**
6.7 ml Molekule

*For extra flavour, add more flavour concentrate at the expense of diluent
**Please note diluent is a combination of PG/VG of your own choosing
For 30ml please simply triple amounts shown