What is Molekule?

Molekule is an 18mg (80VG/20PG) nicotine salt shot.

Made in the UK, using locally sourced pharmaceutical grade nicotine and diluents of the highest quality, it is fully TPD-compliant and has been tested by UK Trading Standards for MOCs (molecules of concern).

Molekule has a low pH, providing a smoother vape with less throat hit and a faster delivery of nicotine to the bloodstream.

It is compatible with Kemistry and all other short fill e-liquids, and is suitable for ‘DIY’ mixing.

What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt is an alternative to the free base form of nicotine used in the vast majority of e-liquids and nicotine shots on the market.

What makes nicotine salt different to free base nicotine?

Nicotine salt is designed to more closely mimic the natural nicotine found in tobacco.

Our expert testers have found that this enables the consumption of higher nicotine strengths, without the vapour feeling as harsh on the throat - even when using sub-ohm devices.

Nicotine salt also facilitates a quicker delivery of nicotine to the bloodstream, allowing users to experience a ‘nicotine rush’ that more naturally simulates the experience felt when smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. At any given strength, this reduces the amount of e-liquid a vaper needs to consume before obtaining a satisfying nicotine ‘hit’.

Our in-house vapers report that nicotine salt does not interact with the flavour profile in the way that free base nicotine does, leading to a cleaner, purer taste.